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National Star College student under a parachute in a sensory session with facilitator

At National Star College, we provide a range of learning programmes that are specifically designed to meet the individual needs of learners. All of our provision helps to support and develop student autonomy, giving them the skills, confidence and independence they need for life after college. We offer the following programmes:

  • Pre vocational programmes: These are designed to improve young people’s communication, independence, autonomy and ability to make choices and decisions. Programmes are individually designed around each student’s needs and aspirations
  • Vocational programmes: We offer practical vocational programmes across a range of subject areas between Entry 1 and Level 3. We can also work with other further education providers to establish joint programmes
  • Work based learning: We are able to provide excellent opportunities for students with employers through our national employer links. These partnerships enable us to offer programmes based at their premises. In addition, we offer traineeships and internships as well as ‘first step’ work related learning courses

We can demonstrate excellent outcomes, including:

  • 89% of learners achieve their primary learning goals
  • 100% of learners achieve their expected qualifications
  • 70% of learners on work skills courses gain employment at the end of their programme

If you would like to discuss:

  • The referral of a young person aged between 16 and 25 with complex disabilities, please telephone 01242 534928
  • The development of a new service or an invest to save programme in your county, please telephone 01242 527631 ext. 2366
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