Sophie’s Story

Sophie who is a lift learner crosses on a zebra crossing.

As a young person with disabilities, Sophie decided to take part in LiftTraining because she wanted to develop the skills and confidence needed to travel independently to college and the wider community.

In the first instance, Sophie was assigned an experienced Travel Trainer, who worked with her and her family to create a personalised programme. This was unique to Sophie, and identified what her goals were and how she could achieve them at her own pace.

Sophie worked with her Travel Trainer once a week. During early sessions, they would take journeys together. As Sophie became more confident and her road safety improved, they moved onto the next stage, which saw the Travel Trainer observing Sophie at a distance. After a few weeks, Sophie was able to confidently travel on the bus by herself while her Trainer followed in a car. Not long after, Sophie was able to travel completely independently.

Since spending time with LiftTraining, Sophie has learnt a number of new routes and become a happier and more confident traveller, with her new-found independence opening up a whole world of opportunity.

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