SPEAK Advocacy Service

Speak Advocacy

SPEAK Advocacy is available to all learners at National Star College. Find out how this service can provide support in making decisions and planning for their future by reading our quick guide.

What is SPEAK Advocacy?

SPEAK Advocacy supports learners in saying what they want – sometimes in difficult situations. It enables them to communicate their thoughts and feelings about life at college – such as their accommodation and courses – and their plans for the future. Advocates can support learners in talking to social workers or parents about their decisions.

Who needs SPEAK Advocacy?

SPEAK Advocacy can be used by anyone who struggles to communicate. This may be because:

  • They have a disability
  • They are very shy
  • What they want to say is very important
  • They can’t find the right words

Find out more

For more information about SPEAK Advocacy please contact us at advocacy@nationalstar.org

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