STEP – Specialist Teacher Education Programme

Specialist Teacher Education Programme
As a result of the Children and Families Act 2014, it has become a government requirement that those working in special education environments are appropriately trained. To enable both individuals and organisations to meet this need, the Specialist Teacher Education Programme has been designed to develop the specialist skills that meet the changing needs of learners with disabilities or difficulties, and ensure effective inclusive learning. It is accredited by City and Guilds, and is a Level 5 Diploma in Teaching Disabled Learners. It has a learning value of 45 credits.

What is involved?

This three unit (45 credit) accredited programme has been specially designed to support the continuing professional development of teachers, improving their specialist skills and knowledge in order to teach learners with learning difficulties and disabilities. It is also supported by an online resource, consisting of videos of managers, teachers, support staff and learners from a range of specialist providers talking about specialist approaches to teaching and learning.

Course delivery

Content of the programme is both theoretical and practical, and consists of the following units of delivery:

  • Unit 1: Action Learning for Teaching in a Specialist Area of Disability
  • Unit 2: Inclusive Learning and Teaching for Disabled Learners
  • Unit 3: Understanding Theories and Frameworks for Teaching Disabled Learners

The programme is delivered in three, two-day taught sessions with a period of six weeks between each one. It can be delivered at your organisation if eight or more candidates enroll and are retained. Courses are also delivered throughout the year at our specialist training suite at National Star.

Two Days Two Days Two Days
Inclusive Practice 6 Weeks > Theories and Frameworks 6 Weeks > Action Research
Specialist strategies and approaches for working with learners with disabilities Understanding theories and curriculum frameworks for effective inclusion Investigating teaching and learning in relation to a specific impairment
3,000 word assignment 3,000 word assignment 6,000 word assignment



Assessment for this programme is assignment based, with two 3,000 word assignments and a final 6,000 research assignment. Candidates must also evidence 50 hours of teaching, which must include learners who have a learning difficulty or disability. Four teaching and learning observations are required, of which two need to be graded ‘Good’ or better.


The cost of this qualification is £250 per unit, per person, or £750 for the whole qualification.

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